Collard Greens with Smoked Duck and Parsnips

This dish was a pandemic leftover invention loosely inspired by Ethiopian gomen. It can be served as a side dish or an entree.



  1. In a large dutch oven (or a big pot with a lid) on low heat, add the chopped duck breast and olive oil and/or butter to the pot for a couple of minutes. Then add the spices, and cook for a minute or two before adding the sliced onion. Let cook for 5 minutes and then add the parsnip and sweat.
  2. Add the ribboned cabbage and collard greens, a few twists of freshly ground pepper, and two tablespoons of water to the pot and cover. Cook until the greens are wilted and tender to the bite.



Recipe tags: vegetables sides duck

Recipe posted on: 2021-03-30, last edited on: 2021-03-30, written by: Sylvain Gauthier