Article posted on: 2021-09-15 21:33
Last edited on: 2022-03-24 11:49
Written by: Sylvain Gauthier

The West is officially more authoritarian than China

EDIT on 2022-03-24:

For the sake of intellectual honesty, this article did age poorly. China is now one of the last few places where lockdowns and quarantines are being actively enforced.

What did not age poorly however is my scepticism towards the usefulness of vaccines and related mandates and my suspicion of generalised corruption in the West, but only the future will tell us.

“We don’t want to live in a society à la Chinese!”

Recently I have been hearing this a lot from french milquetoast politicians and opponents to the covid passport. You can’t listen to TV (well, you shouldn’t in the first place) without having a random pseudo intellectual trying to sound like a freedom fighter defending “human rights”, likening the literally tyrannical measures in France and more generally in the West to a grossly distorted view of “lE EvIL chINesE rEgiME”.

“We are heading towards a society à la Chinese”, they say. “Soon there will be social credit score and QR codes everywhere, just like in China!” they say.

Let me try to put things into perspective, and show you that in many aspect, France, the US and the West in general are actually ahead of China in many ways, and that a society “à la Chinese” would actually be an improvement even in terms of personal freedoms.

Disclaimer, I have never lived in China, I do not know the language, I don’t know much of the culture and little of the history. However, I happen to have a few very close Chinese acquaintances who are in close contact with their relatives in the middle kingdom, and I can say the following is true beyond any doubt, at the time of this article in September 2021:

Let’s compare that with what we have in France and in the West:

Really makes you think…